About Jimmy Wild Safari

Jimmy Wild Safaris is a full-service tour travel agency that serves business and leisure clients who require the professional, friendly, and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel &tourism needs.

It was founded as a private company in 2018 and has quickly grown to become a leading company in the region and a major player in the local international tourism sector

Our company is manned with experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified team based on considerable experience combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, in-depth knowledge of the products and services we offer and commitment to all aspects of travel and Tourism Management.

To continue offering its customers a variety of and the best possible quality services, our company has an will strive to have excellent cooperation and relationship with several | international organizations to meet client needs and expectations.

JimmyWild Safaris’ sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees’ belief in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative tailored Technology, superior quality value, and friendly
Our Vision

To Provide excellent Tour Travel and event experiences by creating inspiring journeys, meetings, unique incentive trips immersive experiences and event solutions that support the client's objective

Our Mission

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and ensuring their safety while on our tours. We prioritize responsible tourism practices and strive to minimize our impact on the environment.

Our fleet

We believe in quality and comfortability, our vans and Landcruiser’s are designed to serve our clients with enough spaces to sit comfortably. Both our vans and Landcruiser carries a maximum of 7 pax to make everybody gets the window seat to get maximum view of the animals during the safari. Our vehicles are extremely well maintained 4WD Toyota with pop- open roof and 360® view.
All our vehicles come with fitted fridge 0r cooler boxers to either put your medicine or perishable goods, Binoculars as its not always guaranteed animals will be close to the road or vehicle. All seats are fitted with seats belts for safety. And also, power points to charge your cameras and phones while on safari. Last and not least all our vehicles’ seats are recliners just incase you want to sleep a bit.
What We Do

We are the finest in our line of work and we thoroughly understand the intricacies involved in managing a successful tour in the East African Subcontinent. However, cliché it may sound, but this statement undoubtedly holds true. One of the million reasons for this is our passionate team, which is not just a gamut of mere tour and travel professionals, rather, they all are enthusiasts themselves.

Our forte lies in organizing personalized journeys and travel experiences in a way that properly fits our client’s base and their way of selling. An experience with us allows a person to explore tourism to its utmost potential as we offer a wide range of services for several holidaying destinations satisfying a tourist’s varied interests. We cater to different travel purposes and needs of our clients, offering them an extensive range of tours to choose from,

Why Jimmy Wild safaris

We offer a variety of safaris that range from budget\ economy to luxurious and always giving the best prices in town. To make this possible we reduce our margins and invest more on your experience and less on marketing in order to make sure you have the highest quality in your tour, as well as perfect service and equipment, regardless or your budget and accommodation choices

Last but not least, our guides, the absolute best in the industry, are hand-chosen through a very thorough recruitment process and given amazing work conditions so they are always motivated and cheerful.

They are our real stars and the ones who can make the difference between a nice trip and a fabulous journey that you will never forget for decades to come.

We are a local company that allows us to work together as a team and go the extra mile to make sure our guests are having an amazing time, not only during the safari but also before and afterward.

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Jimmy Wild Safaris is a private company founded in 2018 as a family business providing the very best personalized service in tourism and car hire.
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